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Jul 9

Wisdom is nothing but a preparation of the soul, a capacity, a secret art of thinking, feeling and breathing thoughts of unity at every moment of life. ~ Herman Hesse For the past nine years, I’ve
Apr 17

It happened in a men’s group I was facilitating. A passionate intern got frustrated with a group member and blurted out, “Battering is a choice...a simple choice. It is not hard to make another choice
Feb 16

Everyone has a personal narrative. I am a white, cisgender, middle class woman who went to schools and lived in neighborhoods filled with students and people similar to myself. My education is
Jan 7

By Peter Pollard During my 30 years working with boys and men who have experienced trauma and violence, one of the biggest challenges I’ve encountered to providing healing resources is a near-univers
Dec 20, 2018

The Dominant Narrative By Rev. Keisha Kogan A few days ago my 11-year-old son came to me to tell me about his day. It was a normal sixth grade day until he got to Current Events. Current Events is whe
Nov 23, 2018

We are the WHEELS: Where the Rubber Meets the Road By James Encinas WHO WE ARE: As sowers of positive change in service to the dignity of all people, we are united in the belief that fear must
Jul 9

The new story of my life is neither new or a story. It’s truth. In the shape of my new days I’m now filled with easy love where my labored lungs are able to exhale without effort. I’m singing the s
Mar 27

By Rev. Garrett A. Foster The recent movie, “Boy Erased,” is based on the true story of Jared Eeamons, the son of a small-town Baptist pastor. Jared was forced to enter a conversion therapy program.
Jan 25

Fathers are important in children’s lives. They bring different values and perspectives to the parenting partnership. In my experience with counseling families, the value of fathers is sometimes over
Jan 3

By Mary L. Holden It was an honor to be connected to James Encinas through Jane Stevens and her ACEs Connection network. For nearly five years, we’ve worked on our separate-but-equal personal missi
Nov 25, 2018

by Audrey Jordan The Full Frame Initiative (FFI) is based near Boston, MA. Its mission is “Shifting perspectives on poverty and violence to create wellbeing and justice.” Through FFI, I coauthored a s
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