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I am a writer of fiction and nonfiction who was compelled -through no choice of my own - to come to terms with very early childhood, and then adolescent/young adult, sexual and emotional abuse. For me, the choice was clear. I could pursue healing, or I could die. While it's been very difficult at times, I feel very grateful to have had the privilege to heal as much as I have. (Of course healing is an ongoing process.)

My most recent phase of healing means understanding, on a deep level, the degree to which I've been ruled by shame. In Gestalt therapy theory, awareness is the key to change--not the surface awareness of knowing intellectually "why you're so screwed up," but a simple, no-fanfare appreciation in which, by virtue of inner seeing, you are no longer identified with the thing you see.

The struggle to heal is definitely worth it!

On my website, I give my fiction short stories away for download onto anything, free of charge. My blog addresses issues in and around #MeToo. Formerly an editor and writing coach, I now engage full-time with trauma healing / social justice issues in my work. I will graduate from the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia in May, 2019. My goal is not to be an individual therapist, but to co-lead groups to support people healing from trauma. I have an MFA in Fiction writing from Vermont College. PS. I live in Philadelphia, PA. Just to anchor this whole virtual-social thing onto an actual place.

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